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School of the Nations celebrates Halloween

Trick-or-treating, meeting superheroes, and mustering up courage to visit our haunted house, students and staff had a wonderful Halloween

On October 31, students and staff enjoyed a frighteningly fun-filled day engaging in a variety of interactive activities. The world’s most renowned superheroes, Thor, Iron Man, Batman, and Black Widow were waiting at the front gate to greet everyone.

The little ones from Elementary and Early Childhood had fun trick-or-treating, receiving candy from teachers and staff. Middle and High School students enjoyed the day in their Escape Room, a challenge room developed by students in Grades 9 and 10, and going through the traditional Haunted House created by our seniors.

On Halloween at School of the Nations, besides fun, we also learn. Our High School teachers worked designed interdisciplinary projects and included Halloween-related subjects into their classes. According to High School principal, Henrick Oprea, Grade 12 students developed a variety of skills working together to create their haunted house.

"The haunted house is a tradition at the School. Students choose a theme and decorate the space with their own ideas every year. They put a lot of effort into it and develop collaboration skills as they help one another," says the principal.



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