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Nations students stand out in 17th Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP)

Eleven Nations students earned medals and honorable mentions

Twenty-eight students represented School of the Nations at the 17th edition of the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad for Public Schools (OBMEP). Our math teacher, Ms. Elisa Pereira, received recognition for excellent performance.

The competition aims to stimulate and promote the study of mathematics and to promote social inclusion through the dissemination of knowledge, allowing middle and high school students to apply mathematical concepts in challenging tests.

OBMEP is aimed at both public and private schools. Last Friday, January 20, the list of award winners was released. In this edition, the initiative reached 99.78 percent of Brazilian municipalities, over 54,000 schools, and 18.1 million students in Grades 6 to 12.

In 2022, eleven Nations students earned medals and honorable mentions. Two students won bronze medals and nine students earned honorable mentions.


  • Luka Cajaty Barbosa Braga: Grade 10

  • Arthur Bezerra Roriz de Arruda: Grade 11

Honorable Mentions

  • Daniel Leopoldino Bezerra: Grade 7

  • Elisa Gondim Costa Fernandes: Grade 8

  • Maria Isabel Kimura Leiria Campo: Grade 8

  • Paulo Tavares Almeida Porto: Grade 8

  • Rodrigo di Guida Carvalho: Grade 8

  • Ian Christino Marinho: Grade 9

  • Enzo Antero de Carvalho Weyne: Grade 10

  • Ian Victor Silva Pimenta: Grade 10

  • Lucas Figueiredo Munhoz: Grade 11

School of the Nations congratulates everyone who took part in OBMEP, our students, the Math Team, and students’ families, who encouraged their children to participate. These achievements are the fruit of true collaboration!



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