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Nations’ student takes first place for Interactive Storytelling in the TechFest 2022 competition.

Annabella Lecaro (Grade 11) develops the narrative of her interactive virtual game

In the second semester of 2022, Full Sail University (US) held its TechFest 2022 Virtual Edition, an online festival focused on technological innovation and preparing young talent for the technology industries of today and the future. The contest offered three challenges: 3D Character Design, App Design/Prototype, and Interactive Game Design.

Instructors from Full Sail University offered students technology-related webinars such as game production, e-sports, and social networking. The final awards ceremony took place online in October 2022.

School of the Nations’ student Annabella Lecaro (Grade 11) earned first place in the category of “Interactive Storytelling” with her game “No Hay Soledad.” The challenge was to develop an interactive game and its narrative. The requirements included graphic images, user choice, JavaScript programming language implementation, and at least three alternative endings for the narrative.

Annabella commented that she thought about creating a horror game but opted for a story of suspense and mystery along the way. The game is for single players. In it, the user must find his partner who disappeared inside the house. According to Annabella, one of the story’s goals was to place secret messages throughout the game. To do so, she used concepts of symbolism, a significant literary movement of the late nineteenth century.

Annabella reveals that she first developed the game for the School’s Creative Carriers class. Once she learned about the contest, she decided to add the final details to her narrative to submit her project. She said she was surprised when she took first place.

"Honestly, I was not expecting it! At the online awards, I remember looking for my name in the list of honorable mentions. Then, when I was about to turn off the computer, I heard the presenter commenting on the game that won and realized it was mine. I was so surprised!”

For High School art teacher Diana Bracarense, Annabella’s participation was rewarding. “It is gratifying to see the incredible work our students are doing here at school receive external recognition. Inspiring them to create is my role as an art educator. Showing them real-world possibilities and competitions creates a challenge where they can apply what they learn in class and improve their techniques.”

Her game is available on Twine, the online tool Annabella used to develop the game. To play it, you need access to Twine, then download the link and import it on the Twine platform.



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