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Nations’ Cougars take first place in boys’ soccer at American & International Schools competition

The under-eighteen boys’ soccer team earned the gold medal at the AASB Final Four — Brazil’s first American and International Schools Sports Championship

On December 2 and 3, our under-eighteen boys’ soccer team participated in the first edition of the AASB Final Four championship in São Paulo. The Final Four is a playoff event in which the first and second-place teams from two other competitions, the Big 8 and the International Schools Sports League (ISSL), compete against one another for a significant title. The Nations boys’ soccer team placed first in the ISSL in September 2022, so they were invited to play in the Final Four with the second-place team of ISSL and the top two teams from the Big 8.

Sixteen student-athletes, our School Teams staff, and our Executive Director, Mr. Danyel Dalmaschio embarked on this adventure.

Qualifying for the finals

With a 4x0 score over the American School of Campinas, the Cougars clinched a spot in the AASB Final Four championship. Athletes Alberto Coury, Ricardo Piquet, Davi Chavez, and Milan Carvalho scored the goals.

Tie broke in penalty shoot-out

In the victory game, our boys’ soccer team battled for the gold against the American School of São Paulo, Graded - the host of the AASB Final Four tournament. Both teams scored two goals each. At the end of the second half, it was a 2x2 tie. Nation’s athletes Alberto Coury and Pedro Lagos scored the goals.

Then came an electrifying penalty shoot-out. With an incredible save by our goalkeeper, Pedro Henrique Morsch, the Cougars won first place, bringing the final score to 5x4. We brought home the gold.



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