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Nations Book Fair

A day of learning, culture, and fun at School of the Nations Annual BookFair

On Saturday, May 13, School of the Nations celebrated another edition of its annual Book Fair. More than 1,300 members of the school community took part.

Our Elementary student choir helped kick off the event by singing Everything is Sound, I’m so blessed (Grades 3 to 5), What a Wonderful World (Grades 1 & 2), and Thank You (Grades 3 to 5) — with Assistant Librarian, Elizabete Oliveira, offering her interpretation in Brazilian sign language, Libras.

On the main stage, students in Grades 6 recited poetry in Portuguese, Grades 10 through 12 recited poems in Spanish, and the “Trupe Trabalhe Essa Ideia” presented the bilingual play “The Little Prince.”

Performances such as “O Auto de Barca do Inferno nos Tempos Actuales” (The Book of Hell’s Ferry in Modern Times) were presented by students in Grade 11, who also simulated a jury “Capitú x Bentinho.”

There were exhibitions of students’ literary projects, book-signing sessions, and challenging chess matches with students.

The company Jamer Books and Things offered books for sale in English, while the Livraria da Travessa brought titles in Portuguese. All purchases made during the Book Fair helped the school earn new books through bonuses, helping expand our library collection. And don’t forget. You can still buy books from both bookstores at the school library until Friday, May 19.


Students, teachers, employees, and parents exchanged over 1,280 books during this year’s Fair.

“Exchanging books among students, staff, parents, and the community encourages reading, promotes literary diversity, and promotes environmental responsibility. It helps expand access to reading, stimulate the imagination, and strengthen community ties,” said Head Librarian Barbara Vidal.

Essay Contest

During the Fair, certificates were handed out for our first high school essay contest focusing on our annual theme, “Equity Leads to Justice.” This initiative recognizes students’ writing, creativity, and talent in expressing themselves.

For Portuguese teacher Ilza de Borja, who is responsible for the project, this first edition planted the seed for upcoming years: “We’ll use the theme of the school’s annual campaign for inspiration and encourage students to write texts in a variety of genres — both prose and verse. We want students to think, reflect, look at society from a positive yet critical viewpoint, and develop their ability to express themselves in writing.”

Congratulations to all who contributed to this year’s Book Fair. It was absolutely amazing!

See all our photos by accessing the Nations App, clicking on documents, and opening the “Nations Events” photo albums.

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