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MUNations: A Window to Global Diplomacy

Updated: Apr 18

School of the Nations Conference Fosters Cultural Exchange and International Relations Insight

This semester, the MUN Club at School of the Nations organized the fifth MUNations Conference, a simulation of a United Nations assembly. The event gave Middle and High School students a chance to act as delegates and debate urgent global issues like the war between Israel and Hamas, and human rights abuses in Sudan's civil war, among others.

The conference has become a key place for developing diplomatic skills and was even more notable this time as it opened to students from public and private schools across the Federal District for the first time. Schools that participated included the American School of Brasília, Everest College, Escola Pública do Lago Sul, Centro de Ensino Médio 414 of Samambaia, Marista, French Lyceum, and Military College.

Notable guests included Mrs. Marcela Pignanelli, a representative from Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a parent at Nations. Mrs. Marcela aimed to inspire the young female delegates by sharing her experiences in diplomacy and giving valuable advice on succeeding in the field.

Also, Mr. Jean-Pierre Bou, Deputy Head of the European Union Commission in Brazil, spoke about current challenges in society and engaged with the future delegates. Senator Izalci Lucas from the Federal District also attended and motivated the students to keep their interest in diplomacy, political science, and international relations, stressing the important role of youth as future leaders in these areas.

With over 200 attendees, the conference helped enhance students' social and academic abilities, such as public speaking, critical thinking, debate skills, and problem-solving. Sarah Pizziranni, a Grade 12 student and president of the MUN Club, mentioned that this edition was especially impactful compared to other MUN conferences she has attended, emphasizing how these skills will benefit her future.

“I started my MUN career by participating in both internal and external conferences, each offering a unique experience. As the president of the club this year, I wanted to do something different by increasing visibility and inviting more guests. Thus, involving public schools was a way to give opportunities to those who usually don’t get them, because I believe that to make a difference in the world, you must start with your community. MUNations opened my eyes to the fact that while many care about global issues, the experiences we provide here can impact these students and people for a lifetime. My career goal is to ask myself every day how I can contribute to my community and to my peers and how we can become future community leaders. This is the path I intend to follow.”

Acts of Service

A key feature of this MUNations edition was the organizing committee’s decision to include public schools and cover all related costs. Lucas Munhoz, also a 12th grader and a MUN Club member, was instrumental in preparing these students by visiting schools to offer training and ensuring they were ready for the debates. Lucas noted that guiding these students was highly rewarding, and the positive feedback from public school students added great value to the event.

“It’s not enough to think superficially without considering the bigger picture. By inviting these students, it was crucial to provide them with a full experience and prepare them to make the most of the event. These conferences are set up to give students a unique and valuable experience that builds life-long skills. Therefore, if you’re reaching out to include those who’ve had fewer privileges and opportunities, you can’t help but give back and provide this service, because, in the end, the experience is worth much more than just the appearance of MUN. This makes us think about what truly matters and how to make a real difference in someone’s life.”

This event is a direct reflection of the mission, vision, and values of School of the Nations. Through it, participants learn about and reflect on leadership, service, and unity in diversity. Congratulations to the staff and all the delegates at the conference!



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