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High School students participate in United Nations (UN) conference simulation

Students from School of the Nations and other schools in Brasilia participated in the BSBMUN Conference. Nations’ students earned five of the twelve awards

From November 18 through 20, High School students participated in BSBMUN, a simulation of a UN conference. Through delegates' offices, students from Grades 9 to 12 debated issues related to social and political conflicts between countries worldwide. In total, seventeen students, divided into four cabinets, took part, with each cabinet made up of at least four students from School of the Nations. Students debated issues such as the US occupation of Guantanamo Bay, the militarization of Armenia's border with Azerbaijan, and more.

In addition to the phenomenal participation, five of our students won awards. Liam Medeiros and Miguel Damásio (Grade 11) won the award for "Best Delegate." Valentina Soliani and Lucas Munhoz (Grade 10) received the "Best Speaker" nomination, and Ana Luz Martins (Grade 10) received an honorable mention.

Students who participated are part of our Model United Nations (MUN) Club, an extracurricular club offered by the School in which students prepare for and learn about the conference proceedings, write their opening speeches, draft position papers, and more. As its goal, participating in the conference develops students’ research and debate skills. However, soft skills, such as negotiation, public speaking, teamwork, and emotional intelligence are also developed.

Tiago Andrade (Grade 11) recently joined the MUN Club. BSBMUN Conference was his first ceremony. In his words, it was “a positive and enriching experience.”

"It was a challenge! I was nervous because I had to discuss a serious problem and debate it. I not only had a lot of fun but also learned new things about the issues and how to deal with situations I was not used to. After this conference, I wasn't planning to attend others, but I realized how cool it is, so I want to participate again!"

Miguel Damásio (Grade 11) was who convinced Tiago to participate in the conference. Both participated in the History Cabinet.

A member of the MUN Club, Miguel already has experience as a delegate, but BSBMUN was his first conference outside School of Nations. According to him, it was a unique and fun experience in which he could see greater integration between Nations’ students and students from other schools in Brasilia. At the conference, Miguel won the award for "Best Delegate."

"Winning was remarkable! I was nervous about participating in my first conference outside School, and I didn't think I would make it, so it was a fantastic surprise. I like being part of the club because I develop skills that we don't get to use every day. It's a plus for my resume. By participating, we improve our writing, language, public speaking, proactivity, diction, and vocabulary, plus all the knowledge we gain. It's definitely worth it.”



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