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Happy International Social-Emotional Learning Day

School of the Nations promotes initiatives to emphasize the importance of empathy, respect toward others, and spreading kindness.

Happy International SEL Day! Today, March 10, we celebrate the power of social and emotional learning in building stronger communities and nurturing empathetic, compassionate individuals. Our School’s mission is to educate students to be world citizens who know, love, and serve humankind, and this is best done by fostering strong social and emotional skills.

Over the past few weeks, our Counseling Department has focused on several themes related to social-emotional development, including friendship, kindness, empathy, and the prevention of bullying. Along with teachers, we have developed a series of initiatives and activities, such as Friendship Week, Kindness Week, and workshops aimed at helping students develop these essential skills.

We encourage families to reinforce the importance of the School-sponsored activities related to these themes, such as kindness challenges and workshops about empathy. Model positive behavior at home by demonstrating these essential values and respect toward others so students can practice at School and in their daily lives.

Here are a few student testimonials.

Mary Darr, Grade 1

In empathy classes, I’ve learned how to understand other people’s feelings and ask how I can help them feel better. Sometimes, my little sister gets upset about things, and now I know how to calm her down and show her other solutions to make things better.

Massimo Hurst, Grade 4

“I learned what empathy and kindness are and how I can practice them at school and at home. So now I know that if I see someone who is sad or going through a problem, I can ask questions to help them feel better again. I think it’s important that the school teaches us about empathy because it should be everywhere. Everyone should know that with empathy and kindness, you can help other people!”

Guilherme Figueiredo, Grade 7

The classes about empathy and happiness are impactful because they simultaneously show us that we are global citizens and that cooperation and empathy are necessities for society to thrive. The lessons I’ve learned here, especially in JYP and Homeroom, consolidated the point that values such as respect and kindness are necessary, and we need to stay optimistic. The school’s initiatives are important in reducing our stress and helping us overcome our challenges.

Maíra Selos, Grade 10

I believe the social-emotional activities promoted are different because not all schools give a safe space for students to talk about emotions, anguish, and problems they are going through. The social-emotional initiatives facilitate my communication and teach me to respect the limits of others. Practicing empathy and kindness at school, at home, and with friends who don’t have the same opportunity is very good. I can lead a conversation where everyone feels comfortable and within a safe environment. I plan to pursue a career in communications, and practicing these values in my daily life will make a difference in my future.

Let’s spread kindness and positivity around the world!



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