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Expanding Horizons: School of the Nations Explores New Frontiers with Concourse Global

Revolutionizing Admissions: 43 Offers and over one million dollars in scholarships propel students into a world of possibilities

In an innovative step towards broadening the college admissions experience, School of the Nations has recently embraced Concourse Global—an advanced direct admissions platform. This online tool, crafted to empower students seeking higher education, not only streamlines the application process but also opens doors to a myriad of global opportunities.

Transforming Traditional Admissions

"Concourse Global is a direct admissions platform, reimagining traditional admissions to enhance access to higher education," elucidates Ms. Michelle Ray, the High School College Counselor. The partnership, offered free of charge to students, seamlessly integrates transcripts, extracurricular activities, and pertinent information, providing universities with a comprehensive view of our students' unique qualities. According to Ms. Ray, "It alleviates stress for students, providing an easy platform that enhances their self-esteem and confidence."

An Impressive 43 Offers Across Continents

The impact of Concourse Global is palpable, with School of the Nations students receiving an outstanding 43 admission offers through the platform. These offers, totaling an estimated $1,793,995.50 USD in scholarships, span across the USA, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Diverse Platforms and Abundant Opportunities

Highlighting the commitment to expanding opportunities, School of the Nations currently offers access to various platforms for students to apply to international universities. Additionally, multiple college fairs are organized throughout the semester, exposing students to a plethora of universities and enhancing their opportunities for higher education. Concourse Global, a recent addition at Nations, stands out as a pivotal player in this endeavor.

Testimonials Illuminate the Benefits

To underscore the advantages of Concourse Global and emphasize the importance of offering diverse platforms for students, we engaged in conversations with two Grade 12 students about their experiences.

Marcella Macedo

So far, Marcella received two scholarship offers.

"I think it's a fantastic way for us to gain knowledge about universities and for them to gain insights into who we are. Many times, we find ourselves rushing with the application processes, and with this platform, universities have the opportunity to see and pursue us. It's direct contact with the universities—a two-way street. I received offers from universities I wanted to apply to and from others I had never heard of. I find this interesting because they offer programs and opportunities. The platforms provided by the school are excellent as they form a comprehensive package. We have a greater variety of colleges, allowing us to create a broad network for applying and gaining knowledge about foreign colleges."

Helena Mello

Helena has received seven scholarship offers.

"It's a platform that offers numerous opportunities. They express interest with offers and scholarships, and then we go through a process of virtual meetings, allowing us to either increase our scholarship or garner more interest, providing us with a greater chance of getting into the university. I received offers from universities I was already considering and discovered others. It prevented my process from slowing down. The platform assisted me greatly in maintaining composure. When I began the process of selecting the colleges I wanted to apply to, I was confused. The offers I received from Concourse helped me determine where I want to go and identify the best colleges for pursuing the career I want. Knowing that they saw my profile and wanted me made me more relaxed when applying to other colleges."

Crucial Opportunities for a Bright Future

In conclusion, providing these opportunities to our students is not merely a choice but a vital commitment. It ensures that each student at School of the Nations possesses the tools and resources for a bright and promising future. We remain dedicated to investing in platforms like Concourse Global and other initiatives, such as international college fairs.



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