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Celebrating World Folklore Day: A Week of Tradition and Culture at School of Nations

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Folklore embodies the soul of a nation, carrying within it the stories, traditions, and values that have shaped the culture of a people over the centuries. Recognizing the significance of this cultural heritage, School of Nations celebrated World Folklore Day from August 21 through 25. Students in Early Childhood Education through Elementary engaged in a series of activities to honor this special occasion.

A Multicultural Celebration

In Early Childhood, children delved into the wonders of Brazilian folklore through engaging in thrilling storytelling sessions, where Brazilian tales and legends came to life. Students experienced the joy of popular traditions playing folk games and doing circle dances.

In Elementary, students explored Folklore Day in a deeper, more contextualized manner in their Portuguese and English classes. Students engaged in activities that not only brought them closer to the stories and legends of Brazilian folklore but also strengthened their language skills. Folk games and storytelling were integral components of the celebration.

Learning Beyond Borders

School of Nations is committed to providing a learning environment that transcends cultural barriers. Portuguese Language Learning (PLL) classes play a pivotal role in this endeavor. Taught by Elementary Portuguese teachers for students in Grades 2 to 5, these classes aim not only to teach the language but also to delve into Brazilian history and culture. During Folklore Week, international students participated in activities and games designed to deepen their understanding of Brazilian folklore. They paid homage to the legends and cultures of their countries of origin through activities like storytelling, research, and learning tongue twisters.

World Folklore Day and its origins

World Folklore Day, celebrated annually on August 22, has an intriguing history behind its date. It was on this day in 1946 that the term "folklore" was coined by the English writer William John Thoms. World Folklore Day aims to preserve the rich collection of traditions that comprise global folklore and encourage ongoing studies in this field. In Brazil, the commemorative date was officially established on August 17, 1965, recognizing the importance of cultural traditions deeply rooted in Brazilian society.



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