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Celebrating Excellence: Middle School Students Shine at Academic Awards Ceremony

Students received certificates and medals for their achievements in academic contests

On February 9, our campus was the proud host of the Middle School Academic Awards Ceremony, an event dedicated to recognizing the hard work and achievements of students from Grades 6 to 8. The ceremony highlighted accomplishments in several prestigious competitions, including the Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad of Public Schools (OBMEP), the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad (OBA), the BSB MUN Conference, the BEBRAS Brasil Challenge, alongside the presentation of Student Recognition certificates.

The awards are a direct reflection of the student's commitment to their studies. During the event, the names of awardees were announced, with some students sharing their excitement about their achievements and outlining their aspirations for the future.

In a notable update, it was announced that our students received their medals and certificates during the ceremony. Additionally, several students were acclaimed for their outstanding performance in the OBMEP and will receive their medals and certificates in a forthcoming ceremony, further celebrating their remarkable achievements.

As we reflect on the ceremony, it serves not only as a recognition of past accomplishments but also as an inspiration for future endeavors. The school is committed to continuing its support for academic excellence and the holistic development of its students.

The event reinforces our culture of striving for excellence and the belief in the potential of every student. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved.

Check out some of the ceremony’s highlights!



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