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The Special Guests Project: Fostering Family Engagement and a Love for Reading

Beyond the educational benefits, the initiative sparked the imaginations and creativity of both students and parents

Recognizing parents’ vital role in their children’s academic lives, School of the Nations’ Library Team initiated its “Special Guests Project.” The innovative project aimed to bring parents into the library to read stories to their children and their classmates, providing a fantastic opportunity for families to engage in their children’s academic journey and help foster a lifelong love of reading. The project contemplated families of students in Early Childhood and Elementary.

The Special Guests Project, which took place throughout May, was a heartwarming initiative that exemplified the school’s commitment to meaningful parental involvement. By inviting parents to participate actively in their children’s education, the project aimed to strengthen bonds between the school and families, reinforcing the notion that education is a shared responsibility.

Parents are essential allies in students’ learning process, and their active involvement in the school community significantly contributes to their children’s development. The Special Guests Project offered a platform for parents to engage with their children, their children’s classmates, and teachers, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

Reading aloud to children has been proven effective in developing literacy skills. By inviting parents to become storytellers, the project helped students improve their listening skills, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their comprehension. Exposure to different reading styles and voices also encouraged students to explore various genres and discover the joy of storytelling.

Beyond the educational benefits, the Special Guests Project sparked imagination and creativity among students and parents. Storytelling sessions became a platform for parents to showcase their storytelling abilities and bring characters to life through animated voices, gestures, and expressions. This immersive experience captivated students and nurtured their creativity, inspiring them to explore their imagination through writing and storytelling.

School of the Nations has always prioritized initiatives that involve parents and students in a collaborative learning environment. The school aims to strengthen the bonds between families and the educational community by engaging parents in projects such as this.

Thank you to everyone who participated!



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