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The “Livro da Rua” project is competing for the Publish News Award 2023

A Member of the Nations community is the creator of the project

Livro da Rua” is a project encouraging and democratizing reading using graffiti art. The creator, Mr. Hugo Barros, a member of the Nations community, creates partnerships with artists and beautifies the streets of Brasília, painting entire books in giant sizes. Complete books, with their covers, catalogs, texts, and illustrations, are all transferred to concrete.

This month, “Livro da Rua” became a finalist for the Publish News 2023 Award in the category of “Innovation of the Year.” The award category aims to recognize innovative initiatives in the Brazilian publishing market. “Livro de Rua” and two other Brazilian projects are competing for this year’s award.

Let’s help Mr. Barros win! The deadline to vote for the winner ends tomorrow, March 28. You can find more information about the award, the project, and how to vote at this link.

More about the “Livro da Rua” project

The “Livro da Rua” project has already “graffitied” three books in Brasília. They are located at the entrance hall of the National Library of Brasília, the outside wall of the Central Library of the University of Brasília, and the wall of the gas station in the Super Quadra Sul 413. In addition, the project’s graffiti books were featured in the São Paulo Book Biennial.

The artist Omik painted the most recent books of the project. He also participated in our most recent Arts Day, where the duo Toys & Omik gave a workshop to High School students on graffiti techniques. Now we have a new mural on the Main Campus created by our students and artists!



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