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Students from the School of the Nations Participate in OBA and MOBFOG 2024

Elementary to High School students engage in Astronomy and Astronautics events, showcasing the dedication and promotion of scientific knowledge encouraged by Nations.

Students from the School of the Nations, from Elementary to High School, participated in the 27th edition of the Brazilian Astronomy and Astronautics Olympiad (OBA) in 2024. Additionally, this semester, the Grade 4 and 5 classes participated for the first time in the 18th Brazilian Rocket Exhibition (MOBFOG), demonstrating creativity and commitment in rocket construction.

OBA 2024

On May 17, the students participated in the single phase of the OBA. The competition aims to spark young people's interest in scientific fields and promote knowledge in a playful and cooperative way. Although the results are still pending, participation itself is already a significant step in the students' academic development.

In the last edition, our students won five medals in the olympiad.


In MOBFOG, 17 students from Grade 4 and 5 participated in Level 2, which promotes the construction of paper rockets powered by compressed air. Each student had the opportunity to launch their rocket and measure the distance covered. Beatriz Ray, a Grade 5 student, stood out by achieving the longest distance with her rocket, reaching 55 meters.

Beatriz, participating for the first time in both MOBFOG and OBA, shared her experience.

"We used paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, and tape to build the rockets. Some parts were challenging to assemble. With the help of Ms. Amelia and a video lesson, we managed to complete everything. On the launch day, I was very anxious, but when I saw my rocket flying so far, I felt very happy and proud. I definitely want to participate in the exams and the rocket exhibition again."

MOBFOG aims to ignite young people's interest in Astronautics, Physics, Astronomy, and Rockets, promoting the dissemination of knowledge in a fun and collaborative way.

The results of OBA 2024 will be announced in mid-June, and the medal ceremony is scheduled for October. The School of the Nations continues to encourage students' participation in academic competitions, promoting the development of skills and a love for scientific knowledge. Congratulations to all participants!



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