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Students from School of the Nations engage in an exclusive chat with Vik Muniz.

The renowned artist highlights the creativity of Nations' students and stimulates reflections on the contemporary artistic landscape

On Tuesday, December 12, students from grades 9 to 12 had the unique opportunity to engage in a conversation with the renowned Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz. The artist, recognized for his prowess as a photographer and sculptor, demonstrated his ability to transform unconventional materials into captivating artworks. Muniz shared insights into the artistic process, providing students with inspiration and an opportunity to seek clarification on their questions directly from him.

During the interaction, Muniz emphasized the importance of observing the present and exploring cultural richness, highlighting how this practice can serve as a foundation for transforming concepts into meaningful artistic expressions. His philosophy resonated with the students, who not only absorbed technical knowledge but also gained a deeper understanding of the connection between art and contemporary society.

Vik Muniz, known for works that challenge artistic norms, has a trajectory marked by the transformation of simple materials into fascinating pieces. From the magic of chocolate to the beauty found in what many would consider "trash," his innovative approach inspires creativity and redefines pre-established concepts.

Vik Muniz as Inspiration for Arts Day

This semester, Schoo of the Nations celebrated Arts Day, an event promoting multicultural artistic appreciation within the school community and providing a platform for students to showcase their artistic projects developed throughout the semester. Grade 10 students drew inspiration from Muniz's works to create their own pieces, and the outcome of this experience was revealed during Arts Day.

Mariana Miari, a Grade 10 student, found in Vik Muniz not only a source of inspiration but also a significant shift in her artistic perspective. Her project, a recreation of a photo using Chia seeds as a material, reflects Muniz's innovation in art.

In her testimony, Mariana shared how studying Vik Muniz impacted her and how the exclusive chat with the artist opened doors to a new vision of art. "With the chat came a reflection of a different aspect of art that wouldn't just be paint but rather a different method of expressing oneself with diverse materials. It was a unique experience; I had never thought that you could engage in conversation with someone as wise as him. From now on, I believe I will view art in a different light," Mariana reveals.

The school's collaborative effort enabled the students' artworks to reach Vik Muniz. In his words, the artist expressed admiration for the creativity and dedication of the youth, emphasizing how these new perspectives and approaches are essential for the evolution of contemporary art. The direct interaction between the renowned artist and the students not only strengthened the connections between theory and practice but also underscored the significance of events that connect students with influential figures in the national art scene.

The exclusive chat with Vik Muniz is available on Nations' YouTube profile. You can access it here.



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