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Students from School of the Nations earn twenty-seven medals in the 2nd Edition of OBMEP Mirim

Elementary students stand out in the national competition, reinforcing their commitment to academic excellence

In the recent edition of the Brazilian Public Schools Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP) Mirim, students from School of the Nations once again demonstrated their prowess in the realm of mathematics. The competition, organized by the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) with the endorsement of the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM), brought to light the potential of the institution's young geniuses.

In its second edition, OBMEP Mirim opened its doors to students from Elementary throughout the country. Nations sent representatives from Grades 2 to 5 to face mathematical challenges, and undoubtedly, they stood out among participants from both public and private schools.

The result? Nothing less than twenty-seven medals, comprising four golds, twelve silvers, and eleven bronzes, were achieved by students across two levels of the competition, Mirim 1 and Mirim 2. A true celebration of the talent and dedication of these emerging young mathematicians.

Check out the list of medalists:

Mirim 1 Level


  • Eduardo Menezes, Grade 3

  • João Carvalho, Grade 3


  • Pedro Gonçalves, Grade 3

  • Alice Vieira, Grade 3

  • Gabriel Silveira Leite, Grade 2

  • Henrique Madeira, Grade 3

  • Eduardo Sousa, Grade 3

  • Manuela Lopes, Grade 3


  • Matteo Tenório, Grade 3

  • Bruno Miranda, Grade 3

  • Luiz Gustavo Mourão, Grade 2

  • Rafael Kimura, Grade 3

  • Rômulo Colares, Grade 2

  • Beatriz Ribeiro, Grade 3

Mirim 2 Level


  • César Accioly, Grade 5

  • Thiago Araújo, Grade 5


  • Rodrigo Cavalcante, Grade 5

  • Helena Buaiz, Grade 4

  • Teodoro Brandão, Grade 4

  • Bianca Brandão, Grade 5

  • Catharina Oliveira, Grade 4

  • Maria Eduarda Reis, Grade 5


  • Davi Mattos, Grade 5

  • Isabela Satiko, Grade 5

  • Pedro Ceravolo, Grade 5

  • Iara Pacheco, Grade 4

  • Samuel Aguiar, Grade 3

But the recognition doesn't stop there. We congratulate not only the medalists but all students from School of the Nations who decided to take on the challenge of the Mirim Olympiad!

We take pride in encouraging our students to actively participate in academic events, promoting not only mathematical development but also cultivating an environment that values culture and science.



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