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School of the Nations' students and teachers engaged in several initiatives for Black Awareness Day

To highlight the importance of Black culture in Brazil and the meaning behind BlackAwareness Day, students took part in activities such as capoeira and readings, presented documentaries, and appreciated music

Our students and teachers in Early Childhood through High School took part in several initiatives in honor of Black Awareness Day. Inside and outside the classroom, they learned about diversity, values, and distinguished Black people and their remarkable achievements. The objective was to highlight the importance of Black culture in Brazil and develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and significance of Black Awareness Day.

In Early Childhood, our young students took part in reading sessions, performed activities that exalted the values of diversity, and took part in a presentation of capoeira. In Elementary, students studied Black people essential in Brazilian history. In addition, students in Grade 5 read the book "Flávia e o Bolo de Chocolate" about racism.

Students in Grade 2 participated in an event in the Main Campus auditorium, watching videos explaining the significance and importance of Black culture to Brazil and the meaning behind Black Awareness Day. In addition, our music teacher, Jânsiley Carvalho, gave a stunning performance playing the song "What a Wonderful World" by Black American artist Louis Armstrong.

In High School, initiatives focused on music. Throughout the week, students enjoyed songs of different genres by Black artists who had a major influence on the world music scene.



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