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School of the Nations Book Fair Inspires Young Readers

Students of all ages dive into literature in an event that celebrates the power and impact of reading

School of the Nations Book Fair for the 2023-24 school year was held over two weekends: May 11 at the Main Campus for students from Grade 2 to Grade 12, and May 18 at the Early Childhood Campus for students from Nursery to Grade 1. With the theme "Today a Reader, Forever a Leader," aligned with the annual campaign "Learn to Lead, Lead to Serve," the event encouraged students to embrace reading and leadership through literature.

Young Readers Shine in Early Childhood Education

The book fair at the Early Childhood Campus offered a day filled with fun and educational enrichment. The event began with a demonstration by the Readers and Writers Workshop, where students explored and displayed their reading and writing techniques, essential for early literacy development.

Following this, participants enjoyed the play "Nosso amigo venting," which enchanted all with an imaginative performance. Interactive projects, such as Read-Aloud sessions, promoted active participation from students and their families, creating special moments of connection through literature. Author and parent Dany Proença also attended, signing her literary works.

The event included book sales in partnership with Livraria da Travessa and Jamer Book, as well as book and uniform exchanges. In total, 796 children's books, 54 comic books, and 64 adult books were collected.

A Literary Day at the Main Campus

Elementary students enjoyed a day full of inspiring activities. The choir performed songs from literary works adapted into films, such as "Double Trouble" from Harry Potter.

Students from the Design Lab and Sound Lab displayed their projects in a vernissage, providing a preview of their artistic creations before the official opening. Additionally, our traditional Meet the Author sessions gave students the opportunity to sign their own books. This year, each grade worked on a different literary theme and style, such as poems and onomatopoeias.

In Middle School, activities included art exhibitions and videos. The Library program featured Book Talk sessions with Grade 6 students and Poetry Readings from Grades 6 to 8.

High School students participated in various activities, starting with the Essay Contest Ceremony. There was also the launch of the book "Between Words, Confessions, Wanderings, and Reflections" by our Grade 12 student Maria Paula Valtudes, followed by a recitation of poems in Spanish. The event concluded with the play "The Death of Literature," performed by Grade 12 students. Additionally, the play "Amelia Bedelia," presented by the teather troupe Trabalhe Essa Ideia, was also part of the general program.

We thank everyone for their participation and for making this Book Fair a success. This event goes beyond a simple celebration; it reinforces the essential role of reading and literature in our lives, showing that each book has the power to turn readers into leaders.



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