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Professionals at School of the Nations participate in the “Jornada de Estudos Brasileiros”

The event focused on sustainable, collaborative, and relevant education and offered workshops to professionals from international schools throughout Brazil

From March 9 to 11, our Portuguese teachers, Raquel Campelo, Stella Tavares, Claudia Sayuri, Sabrina Veiga, and Nazaré Saboia, Elementary counselor Ana Maria Mayr, and the School’s Portuguese consultant, Regina Abdalla, attended the conference “Journey of Brazilian Studies: Sustainable, Collaborative and Relevant Education.”

Teachers, coordinators, and other education professionals from throughout Brazil participated in the event, which took place at the American School of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais. The objective was to promote the exchange of successful experiences, challenges, and reflections among professionals in the field of education.

Participants learned more about and reflected on interdisciplinarity, metacognition, and methods to educate and engage students in their communities. The event promoted a welcoming climate where educators could offer their best and simultaneously feel motivated to improve continually through professional development. Over the three days, they took part in workshops, lectures, and group chats to share valuable educational tools.

Middle and High School teachers Raquel Campelo and Stella Tavares offered their workshop “Chalk Talk in Portuguese Language Teaching.” They presented the “Chalk Talk” dynamic and how to apply it to teaching Portuguese. They discussed the advantages of using this methodology, how to incorporate it into lesson planning, including examples of several activities they had developed.

Early Childhood and Elementary teachers Claudia Sayuri and Sabrina Veiga also spoke at the event. Their “Class Meetings: Harmony in the Classroom” workshop focused on social and emotional well-being. It raised awareness of how class meetings provide a democratic approach to problem-solving in which students gain autonomy to exercise self-discipline and become responsible citizens. Encouraging and applying logical consequences when necessary and during class meetings help develop students’ self-esteem and self-confidence.

Professional development is a priority at School of the Nations and helps faculty and staff continually learn and become the best professionals possible. Below are two testimonials from our teachers.

Claudia Sayuri, Early Childhood Teacher

“I thank School of the Nations for giving me the opportunity to participate. The exchange of knowledge among the teachers, coordinators, and directors of international schools in Brazil was enriching. We had the opportunity to present a workshop in which we shared our classroom practices. We showed that we can solve a “small” problem before it becomes big through the magic of understanding and praising others.”

Sabrina Veiga, Elementary Teacher

“Participating in the event was enriching and important to all of us who aim to provide quality education. The workshop I taught was a great professional incentive. Participating in professional development increasingly pushes me to act and reflect on the path to improving pedagogical practices. I thank the School for the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through professional development.”


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