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Preparing the Path to the Future: Grade 5 Transition Project

An enriching journey that prepares students and parents for the challenges of Middle School with the help of experts.

This semester, the Grade 5 students at School of the Nations embarked on an exciting journey with the Transition Project, an initiative designed to smooth their transition to Grade 6. The project not only introduced the students to their future teachers and classrooms but also provided an opportunity to engage with sixth graders, sharing experiences and preparing for changes in their school routine.

Beyond the academic focus, the project addressed vital aspects of emotional and social development that accompany the move to a new school phase. To further support this process, we held informative talks for parents, led by professionals: Dr. Mila Santiago, a pediatrician, and psychiatrist, and Dr. Clarissa Dias, a psychologist, and Master in Human Development and Health Processes. Together, they provided essential insights into puberty, discussing physical transformations and socio-emotional challenges that mark this critical development period.

The sessions focused on equipping parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and support their children through these changes, ensuring a smoother and more informed transition.

The Transition Project is more than just academic preparation; it is a carefully planned bridge that guides students to the next stage of their educational journey, marking the beginning of an adaptable path in education.

School of the Nations is dedicated to providing a holistic and innovative educational experience, not only preparing students academically but also shaping them as conscious global citizens ready to face the challenges of the world.



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