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Our School Community Celebrates Nations Festival

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Students, families, and staff learn about the cultures of sixteen countries through research, dance, and cuisine

On September 24, the school community once again celebrated our annual Nations Festival. The 2022–23 edition took place in person at both campuses. With the School beautifully decorated, more than seven-hundred turned out at the Early Childhood Campus and over 2,400 at the main campus to enjoy and learn from all the unique, thematic, and interactive presentations and activities students and their teachers had prepared.

  • You can see photos from this year’s Festival on Nations App. Once opened, Just go to the menu, click 'documents,' and you will find our Nations Event Photo Albums. Enjoy!

This year, in addition to incredible research and artistic projects, students were honored and thrilled with the presence of ambassadors and representatives from some of the countries we celebrated this year! Each grade represented their chosen country. Students worked the entire first quarter preparing presentations and projects to share with their families, friends, and the wider community. France, Israel, Tanzania, Colombia, Jordan, Venezuela, Madagascar, Peru, Vietnam, Egypt, Oman, Portugal, India, Saudi Arabia, Angola, and Brazil were all beautifully represented.

For our Executive Director, Mr. Danyel Dalmaschio, the festival symbolizes several core values and one of the reasons for the existence of School of the Nations.

“One of our highest goals is for students and the community to learn to appreciate the importance and beauty that lies within the diversity of other cultures and traditions. Our Festival of Nations brings out the enthusiasm of every member of our school community, especially students. Their preparation and anticipation of the festival bring classrooms and hallways alive with learning and cooperation.”

Inspired by our 2022–23 campaign, “Equity Leads to Justice,” the festival offered alumni, parents, family members, and staff the opportunity to reflect on the uniqueness, beauty, and talents that every person brings to our community.



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