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Nations’ Teachers offers workshops at a World Creativity Day Event

Our High School teachers, Ms. Diana Bracarense, Head of the Arts Department, and Mr. Marco Borges, Head of the Mathematics Department, participated in the World Creativity Day event in Brasília. The event brings together creative leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs, supports UN Resolution 71/284, and promotes a global community of creative leaders and change agents. Celebrated worldwide on April 21, it features various free activities aimed at human development.

Fostering Creativity in Inspiring Environments

Ms. Diana Bracarense's session, "Fostering Creativity in Inspiring Environments," discussed enhancing creativity in educational and residential settings, focusing on youth. She highlighted the importance of creating spaces that stimulate creative thinking and expression and provided practical tips for transforming environments into dynamic learning centers.

"With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence, and automation, creativity becomes crucial. Preparing young people to handle complex challenges and seize technological opportunities by developing skills of imagination, innovation, and original solution creation is essential for success in the digital age and for future job market demands", she reveals.

Mathematics in the Comic Book Universe

Mr. Marco Borges led the workshop "Calculating Heroic Actions: Mathematics in the Comic Book Universe," inspired by James Kakalios's book "The Physics of Superheroes." Mr. Marco showed how superhero narratives could be explored through mathematical problem-solving. Participants used comic book characters to learn mathematical concepts, applying George Polya’s four-step problem-solving method: understand, plan, solve, and reflect.

The workshop concluded with recognition for the most innovative and technically proficient solutions. Mr. Marco emphasized the importance of creativity in mathematical education, stating, "The workshop reinforces the need for creativity in generating solutions and valuing geek culture through ethnomathematics, as well as adopting a humanistic approach that investigates patterns in nature. Collaborative efforts redefine mathematical practices and highlight the importance of dialogue in learning interactions, aiming to promote positive changes in a constantly evolving society."

The contributions of our teachers illustrate School of Nations' commitment to combining academic excellence with creative education, preparing students to be leaders in a transforming world.



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