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Nations’ students visit the “Mundo Zira - Ziraldo Interativo” exhibition

From Kindergarten to Grade 5, students had an immersive experience learning about Ziraldo’s biography, works, and characters

To honor the career and work of the ninety-year-old writer and cartoonist Ziraldo, students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 visited the exhibition “Mundo Zira - Ziraldo Interativo” at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil.

The exhibit has an exclusive design and structure made up of large panels on which the artist’s characters and scenarios are projected. It is a rich sensory environment in which the public can transform the author’s works through their own eyes with the help of digital technology.

The library staff planned the excursion to promote access to and knowledge of national literature by providing an experience inside and outside the classroom. Students learned about Ziraldo’s biography, work, and his characters by immersing themselves in and interacting with a magical, educational, and accessible literary universe.

According to our school librarian, Ms. Barbara Vidal, the exhibition provided students with imaginative, creative, fun, and memorable learning.



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