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Nations Students Present AP Capstone Research Projects

In the AP Capstone Program, students learn and refine skills at the core of academic success

On Monday, June 5, our Seniors presented their Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Research papers. Presentations took place at the Main Campus and were attended by Middle and High school students, staff, and parents.

AP Capstone is a diploma program designed by the College Board and comprises two yearlong AP Courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. Students take AP Seminar in Grade 11 and AP Research in Grade 12. In the program, students learn and refine skills at the core of success in higher education and in life. It helps develop students’ skills to think independently, write effectively, research, collaborate, and learn across disciplines.

In the college-level AP Research course, students design, plan, and conduct a yearlong investigation on a research topic of their choice.

This year, research themes students designed included: From Stigmatized to Trendy: Understanding the Romanticization of Mental Illness; Instagram Influence in Academic Performance; Risks of Toxic Masculinity: Discrediting Boys’ Feelings; Emotions during High School in an International School in Brasilia, among others.



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