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Nations Parents Academy: Building Strong Foundations in Literacy for Children

On September 15, Nations Parents Academy opened its doors once again to host yet another enriching workshop entitled “Letras e Sons para o Ensino Infantil” (Letters and Sounds for Early Childhood Education). The workshop delved into a topic close to every parent’s heart—their vital role in their children’s journey toward literacy.

The initiative builds on the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. This workshop helped bridge the gap between parents and literacy, offering critical insights and practical guidance for mothers and fathers to contribute actively to their children’s educational development. At the heart of the workshop was Ms. Nazaré Saboia, our dedicated Portuguese teacher specializing in early childhood education.

Knowledge Acquisition for Parents

The primary objective of the workshop was to equip parents with a deeper understanding of the critical steps in developing literacy. Parents discovered that these steps are vital for their children’s success in reading and writing. By the end of the presentation, parents had a solid understanding of how they can have a direct and targeted impact on their children’s literacy.

The workshop shed light on various ways parents can actively engage with literacy. From understanding the importance of reading together as a family to providing feedback on their children’s writing, parents learned how to become true literacy champions in their homes.

Contributing to Parental Growth

Beyond nurturing their children’s literacy, the workshop also contributed significantly to parents' growth. Armed with the knowledge gained from the workshop, parents are now better equipped to navigate the complex terrain of their child’s education.

Confidence is key, and parents who attended the workshop now feel more secure in knowing which tools and strategies to use to support their children’s unique strengths and weaknesses. They learned to approach play and educational activities more purposefully and playfully, enriching their child’s learning experience.

Additionally, parents learned how to make informed choices when selecting materials and resources to support their child’s education. This knowledge is empowering, enabling parents to create an environment at home that is more conducive to learning.

Looking Ahead to the Future

We thank all who attended. Your enthusiastic participation is what makes our Nations Parents Academy so successful.

Nations Parents Academy also presented a comprehensive schedule of exciting workshops to be held throughout the semester. These sessions will be led by schoolteachers, aiming to provide specialized knowledge and practical tools to empower parents in educating their children and strengthening the collaboration between school and family.

Check out Nations Parents Academy’s workshops for this semester:

  • Harmonia em Sala de Aula, with Mrs. Claudia Kimura: September 29

  • Introduction to Reading and Writing Workshop, with Mrs. Morgan McKinnon: October 20

  • Parenting with Connection, with Mrs. Michelle Ray: November 17

  • The 360 Review Process, with Mrs. Marcia Guedes: December 1

Stay tuned for more exciting learning opportunities, and let’s continue making a difference in the lives of our young learners!



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