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Nations Arts Day: A Celebration of Creativity

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

With more than fifteen workshops and activities, our school community enjoyed a morning of learning engaged in art

On Saturday, March 25, we celebrated Arts Day! The goal of showcasing talents and celebrating art and culture brought together nearly 970 members of the school community, including students, their families, faculty, and employees, all of whom participated in a variety of pedagogical initiatives offered by the School.

Arts Day began with a presentation from our Nations cheerleading team. We then opened the Nations stage with a fabulous piano performance by second grader, Marina Boros, followed by several other attractions, such as a poetry recital by tenth grader Isabel Azeredo.

The event also featured workshops, such as one by ceramicist Martha Ruffoni, a blind artist who creates exquisite pieces using only her hands.

The school community had the opportunity to participate in her workshop and learn ceramic handling techniques.

For tenth grader Valentina Freitas, the new experience with the material was a moment of great learning and fun.

“It was cool—very satisfying! You forget everything and concentrate only on what you’re doing now. Martha showed me pieces she had already made that were so beautiful. I loved everything about the experience, especially how everyone interacted to make the ceramic objects, and because of this, all of them turned out well. There were people younger and older than me, and everybody loved it. It was great.”

The event also included a presentation by the Nations Marching Band. In addition, we had workshops on Stencils, Recycled Musical Instruments, Magic Painting, Painting Famous Works, Tie-Dyeing, and Dance. In the workshop promoted by Zé do Circo, participants could practice circus skills such as slacklining, acrobatics, juggling, and others.

The graffiti artists Toys and Omik painted one of the school walls and invited students, parents, and staff to help. The artwork depicts several tourist attractions in Brasília, such as the JK Bridge and the National Museum.

Students, representatives from Nations Girl Up, and local artists exhibited and sold their artwork during the celebration. The school community had the opportunity to enjoy the “Stop Motion Animation Exhibition,” where they were able to speak with the animator of the Brazilian short film “Pi-Oinc” and learn more about the making of the movie and the behind-the-scenes production.

The performance of the Maria Vai Casoutras band was one of the highlights of the event. The band sang several traditional Brazilian songs and invited everyone to sing along and dance.

Pre-Arts Day

Although the celebration took place on March 25, the immersion of our Nations community into the arts began well before.

Students learned about and delved into the stories and works of various artists such as Milton Costa, Daniel Senise, Marepe, Raul Mourão, Leda Catunda, José Damasceno, Dudi Maia Rosa, Jac Leirner, Raul Mourão, Van Gogh, Frida Khalo, and Alfredo Volpi, and used their work as inspiration to create eco bags, paintings, and other artistic expressions.

School employees participated in a School-sponsored ceramics workshop on Thursday, March 23. For Human Resources Assistant Camila Paz, the event was fantastic.

“I had a lot of fun! It was wonderful! I would love to participate in other initiatives like this again!”

Arts Day helps students and the wider school community understand more deeply the different forms and mediums, or artistic languages, used by artists to express their creativity and how to use them to create individual and collective works of art full of meaning. Art helps develop our understanding of diversity, identity, and culture.

You can see photos from this year's Arts Day on Nations App. Once opened, just go to the menu, click in documents, and you will find our Nations Event Photo Albums.



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