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MUNations Conference: Fostering Diplomacy and Skill Development

From May 25 to 27, School of the Nations hosted its MUNations Conference. Organized by the School’s MUN Club, this remarkable event brought together middle and high school students from various institutions to simulate the United Nations Conference. Over the course of three days, these young diplomats represented countries from around the globe and engaged in intense discussions and negotiations to address pressing global issues.

MUNations, a student-led initiative, showcased students’ passion for international affairs and commitment to fostering diplomatic relations among their peers. It was spearheaded by a group of exceptional students who served as chairs and ensured the smooth execution of the event. We greatly appreciate and thank Valentina Soliani, Liam Sassay, Sarah Pizzirani, Miguel Damásio, and Lucas Munhoz for their exemplary leadership and dedication.

Each of these remarkable individuals represented a specific committee that tackled a pressing global issue. With their expertise and commitment, they guided and facilitated the discussions, ensuring that all participants had an enriching experience. Their dedication to their roles and ability to manage the complexities of the conference deserve special recognition.

Sarah Pizzirani and Liam Sassay, two outstanding students who took on significant responsibilities throughout the event, graciously shared their testimonials.

Sarah, president of the MUN Club, said, “It was one of the coolest and most enriching experiences ever! Not only were the people I was working with my friends, but I was able to see the dedication of each of them. It was further proof that you have to believe when you want something no matter how big or small the challenge, and even more so when you have people on your side who want to see you grow.”

“The simulation is for young people who want a voice in international diplomacy. Organizing the event helped me recognize that many young people have a lot of potential to change the world. I could see my own potential!”

Liam added, “It was remarkable! Having the opportunity to organize the event made me realize how every step is essential, from its organization to the debates. I got to see it from a different point of view than when I participated only as a delegate. Participating in MUNations always allows me to develop new skills and improve those I already have.”

MUNations not only provides a platform for students to deepen their understanding of global issues but also serves as a catalyst for developing essential soft skills. Throughout the conference, participants had opportunities to enhance their communication, oratory, public speaking, and argumentation skills — all vital for future leaders, as they enable effective collaboration and problem-solving in diverse settings.

Schools from across Brasília, including the Colégio Militar de Brasília, Colégio Serius, and Colégio Everest, participated in MUNations this year, making the event truly inclusive and collaborative. Approximately a hundred students engaged in the simulations, showcasing their knowledge and diplomatic expertise.

MUNations’ success is a testament to School of the Nations’ commitment to nurturing well-rounded students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the global community. By providing a platform for young diplomats to engage in highly relevant discussions and negotiations, the conference fosters a deeper understanding of global issues while empowering students to become effective communicators and leaders of tomorrow.



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