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Kindergarten Graduation

Students received their diplomas and presented a musical performance

On June 16, we gathered at our Main campus to honor our incredible Kindergarten students as they took a significant step forward in their educational journey. It was a heartfelt moment shared by families, students, and staff, reminiscing over the memories and growth experienced throughout this school year.

The graduation ceremony was a true spectacle, with our young stars presenting a musical performance. They received their well-deserved diplomas, symbolizing their achievements and hard work.

As they embark on their new chapter as first graders, we wish these bright minds a beautiful and exciting new cycle filled with endless discoveries, boundless curiosities, and rewarding challenges to conquer.

To our students, we can't wait to witness the amazing individuals you will become in Grade 1. Best wishes for an extraordinary future!

You can enjoy this year’s graduation photos here!



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