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Happy PI Week!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Students from Elementary to High School participate in activities related to the number PI

UNESCO proclaimed March 14 as Pi Day and the International Day of Mathematics during its 40th session of the General Conference on November 26, 2019.

We celebrated Pi Week in our own unique way at School of the Nations! The Mathematics Department offered fun math activities and contests. Students in Grades 6 through 8 participated in various exercises related to the number π, culminating in a competition to see who could write the most digits of the number. The winners were Mainá Queiroz (Grade 7), Alice Cavalcanti (Grade 6), and Marcela Braconi (Grade 6).

Undefeated in the competition, Mainá earned the gold medal. In her last match, she wrote out 209 digits of π. Student Alice Cavalcanti earned the silver medal. Despite finishing in second place, she broke the contest's record by writing 263 numbers of π. Finally, Marcela finished the competition in third place, winning the bronze medal by writing 209 digits.

Meanwhile, High School students had a blast in a Scavenger Hunt, where they searched the campus and took pictures of math-related concepts, for example, the largest number they could find, and geometric shapes found in nature. Grade 12 students Nikolas Anastasiou, Bernardo Monteiro, and Mohammad Masadeh, and Grade 10 students Isabella Arduni and Rafaela Proença received recognition for their excellent projects.

On March 17, the photographers of the best High School photos and the best Middle School contestants got to throw whipped cream π (pie) at their principals, Mr. Henrick Oprea and Mr. David Esch, and their math teachers, too!



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