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Grade 9 Students and Nations Band Shine in the Year-End Performance "Mamma Mia"

Year-End Show Delights and Inspires the School Community

On June 4, the Grade 9 students and the Band of the School of the Nations took the stage at Teatro Unip, Asa Sul, to present the traditional year-end show, "Mamma Mia." Adapted by the school's Arts Department, the play was the culmination of months of dedication in music and theater classes.

The production not only highlighted the talents of the students in the leading roles but also involved a dedicated team of students behind the scenes. These students excelled in essential areas such as makeup, script development, photography, presentation, and costume creation, significantly contributing to the success of the show.

Under the guidance of Ms. Mariângela Santos, Theater teacher, and Mr. Jânsiley Carvalho, Music teacher and coordinator of the Nations Band, the students delivered a stellar performance that moved the audience. The band also played a crucial role, with a sequence of Brazilian and American songs that complemented the play and enhanced the magical atmosphere of the night.

The show, attended by staff, families, and students from other grades, emphasized the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. It was a testament to the transformative power of artistic education, allowing students to explore their creativity, develop skills, and build their self-confidence.



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