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Grade 5 students promote the Math Sales Project

The project has formed a partnership between School of the Nations and the Day Care Center, Tia Tatá

On May 19, our Grade 5 students and elementary staff hosted the “Math Sales Project.” Students sold homemade items — delicacies such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, and refreshing drinks such as various juices, soft drinks, and even milk. Parents, staff, and students from all grades were invited to participate.

Besides being an academic initiative, our “Math Sales Project” has formed a partnership between School of the Nations and the Day Care Center, Tia Tatá. The institution receives no government aid, nor does it have private partnerships to support it. Therefore, we will donate the proceeds from our Math Sales Project in the form of “cestas básicas” (food baskets) to support the Tia Tatá Creche.

To provide our students with a better understanding of the impact of their efforts, Ms. Maria Conceição, founder of the Creche Tia Tatá, visited the school on Wednesday, May 10, to discuss the operation of the day care center and the significance of our students’ contributions.

“It will be vital and good help for us! We are very happy for the help, me, my team, and the children of the daycare center. I thank you on behalf of the institution for School of the Nations’ initiative to help us and give us this support,” said Ms. Maria da Conceição.

The Creche da Tia Tatá is located in Setor de Chácaras Santa Luzia, in Estrutural. According to Ms. Maria da Conceição, founder and owner of the institution, all donations are welcome. They accept furniture, clothes, and food.

The Math Sales Project embodies the spirit of our school community by promoting learning, collaboration, and social responsibility. We thank everyone who participated!



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