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Grade 5 Students Complete the Transition Project

With parent workshops and integration events for students, the project aims to ease the transition from Grade 5 to Grade 6.

At School of the Nations, the Grade 5 Transition Project was recently completed, providing a smooth and structured passage from Elementary to Middle School. Focused on minimizing the emotional impact and easing student adaptation, the initiative involved both students and their families in integrative and informative activities.

Divided into two phases throughout the semester, the program allowed for gradual and continuous student adaptation. In the early months, Grade 5 students had their first contact with Grade 6 peers and met their future teachers and classrooms, offering a preview of the new school routine.

Additionally, parent training was a crucial part of the project. Specialists such as Dr. Mila Santiago, a pediatrician, and psychologist Clarissa Dias gave lectures on important topics like puberty and friendships, ensuring a smooth and beneficial transition for students starting with conversations at home.

In the second phase, held in the last weeks of May, the staff and Grade 6 students actively participated again. Grade 5 students were welcomed with letters and took part in the "Friday Night Lights" event, an initiative that promotes integration and friendship building through activities like board games, volleyball, and soccer. Grade 5 students participated in the third edition of the event on May 24.

The students also had the opportunity to join discussion circles with professionals Mila Santiago and Clarissa Dias, where they could ask questions about age-relevant topics like puberty, for example.

Ana Maria Mayr, Elementary Counselor, highlights the project's importance in both academic and personal aspects. According to her, the project not only entertains and integrates but also respects the individuality of each young person, providing a safe environment to express vulnerabilities and doubts.

"The transition project is essential to facilitate this vulnerable and uncertain period for our students. We provide support not only to them but also to their families, ensuring a smooth transition with the necessary assistance at every step of the process. We respect the individuality of each child, allowing them to progress at their own pace and overcome their doubts in a gentle and subtle manner," says Ana Maria.

At the School of the Nations, the Transition Project occurs at various stages of students' academic lives, from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Each stage is carefully planned by our team of counselors to meet the specific needs of each age group, maintaining the central goal of making periods of change as smooth and stress-free as possible.



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