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Former Paralympic Athlete Bruno Braga gives motivational talks to middle and high school students.

The lecture aimed to highlight discussions about acceptance, emotional responsibility, and overcoming challenges

On February 28 and March 2, School of the Nations hosted the former Paralympic table tennis athlete Bruno Braga. Now working as a motivational speaker, Bruno spoke with our Middle and High School students about self-acceptance, emotional responsibility, and overcoming challenges. In addition, he shared some of his history and professional experience.

The thirty-two-year-old former athlete has been a member of the Brazilian table tennis team. He holds two bronze medals — one from the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto and the other from the World Paralympic Table Tennis Championships. Currently, he offers lectures to schools, universities, and companies. This year, Bruno returned once again to speak with students at School of the Nations.

Bruno says his goal is to make the public see life differently and learn to prioritize mental health.

“Every time I go to speak at the School, I get emotional! My goal is to talk not only about my life story but also show that despite life’s adversities, from childhood to adulthood, it is important to think about what we can do with these adversities and how to deal with life more lightly. I like to show young people that everything is possible!", says Bruno.

According to our High School counselor, Mr. João Diniz, the themes of Bruno’s lectures are relevant and essential to students.

'“Bruno’s sharing his experiences with our students is invaluable because he not only shows them that we can overcome life’s physical, emotional, and social difficulties but also exemplifies how he has overcome many of his own.”



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