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Cultivating Creativity: A New Chapter of the Nations Parents Academy

Ms. Diana Bracarense, our High School Arts Teacher, revitalizes Nations Parents Academy with a workshop on Fostering Creativity at Home

The Nations Parents Academy initiated this semester's series of workshops with an inspiring lecture, "Fostering Creativity at Home," presented by Ms. Diana Bracarense, Head of the Arts Department and High School Arts Teacher at the School of Nations, on February 2, at the Main Campus. The workshop aimed to provide parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to create an environment that encourages their children's creativity at home.

According to Ms. Diana, research has highlighted the significant role of creative activities in the emotional and cognitive development of children and teenagers. Participating in artistic activities not only offers a means for emotional expression but also improves problem-solving skills and encourages innovative thinking.

At Nations, the Arts Department is committed to offering creative projects that allow students to express themselves freely and explore a variety of artistic techniques. These practical experiences encourage students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, thus fostering their artistic and imaginative growth.

Ms. Bracarense's lecture illuminated the numerous ways in which creative activities can benefit young minds, from emotional expression to cognitive development and problem-solving abilities. The advantages are substantial and diverse. These strategies, designed for different age groups, aim to address potential challenges and provide tips for effectively fostering creativity among children.

By the end of the session, parents not only understood the importance of creativity in their children's development but also practical ways to nurture this creativity on a daily basis. The lecture reinforced the commitment of the Nations Parents Academy to offering resources that support the comprehensive development of students, emphasizing that creativity is an essential aspect of education that extends beyond the classroom and into the home.

Next Session

The next workshop at the Nations Parents Academy will be led by our Elementary Portuguese Teacher, Ms. Claudia Sayuri. Her workshop, "Reading and Writing in Literacy," will offer insights to help parents better understand the literacy development process and make it easier for children. The workshop is scheduled for March 1, at our Main Campus.



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