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Cougars earn medals in the second phase of Nations Soccer Cup

Congratulations to our fierce Cougars on clinching the Nations Soccer Cup! On March 18 and 19, our Under-9, Under-10, Under-11, and Under-12 mixed soccer teams competed against six other teams from schools in Brasilia.

The championship was a unique experience for our young athletes in Early Childhood. Our Pre-Kinder, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 teams played their matches with dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

The Cougars stood out for their incredible performance. Students Benicio Rodrigues (Grade 2), Ygor Modenese (Grade 5), and Theo Callil (Grade 5) were top scorers in their matches.

Both our Cougars and Nations teams took part. Check out Nations’ performance.

First Place

— Under-10 mixed Nations

— Under-11 mixed

Second Place

— Under-9 mixed

— Under-12 mixed

Third Place

— Under-10 Cougars

Our students went all out, putting their hearts into every game. With motivation from our Elementary Cheerleading team, our athletes were in full swing! Congratulations, Cougars, you make us proud!



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