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Unveiling new horizons in global education: a journey into college guidance trends in latin america

Nations' High School College Counselor participated in the Council of International Schools in Bogotá, Colombia.

Ms. Michelle Ray, our High School Counselor, recently embarked on a journey to the Council of International Schools in Bogotá, Colombia. During the two-day event, counselors and college admissions representatives gathered at Colegio Nueva Granada to gain fresh insights into the complex world of college guidance.

Ms. Michelle co-presented on higher education trends in Brazil, sharing information about Nations with universities from around the world. She described the experience as truly enlightening, emphasizing the importance of a global network and the establishment of professional partnerships in the field of education. "It's inspiring to see educators coming together to support international student mobility and provide valuable guidance to students with a global mindset".

During the conference, professionals had the privilege of participating in workshops that delved into crucial topics, such as students' mental well-being during their transition to adulthood, the implementation of career counseling in high school, and holistic approaches to college guidance.

In collaboration with the Latin American Tri-Association, AMISA, and Latin American Heads Conference, the event offered a platform for counselors and admissions professionals to exchange ideas, stay updated on regional developments, and establish crucial connections. With a wide range of sessions and a dedicated school fair, this conference was a game-changer for all professionals. The Nations' staff is always expanding its horizons to empower our students on their educational journeys.



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