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Transformative Learning at School of the Nations

We are thrilled to share that our Section Principals and PYP Coordinator recently participated in a professional development event in São Paulo: the BAS Construction Site #1.

This collaborative workshop, centered on constructing a Balanced Assessment System (BAS), signifies a step forward in our commitment to enhancing the educational journey of our students. Together with esteemed international educators, our team delved into frameworks that encourage precision and clarity in student assessments, ensuring every learner's journey is both measured and supported.

Our leaders engaged in dynamic discussions on the importance of teacher clarity, the development of school-wide assessment systems, and the integration of AI to support learning - important components of the learning landscape at the School of the Nations.

The insights and systems designed during this workshop will be instrumental in developing the future of assessment and reporting at Nations in the near future, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and shaping an environment where every student can thrive.

We are proud to be at the forefront of educational excellence, embracing innovative practices that prepare our students for global citizenship and success.



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