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Nations Parents Academy conducts workshop to enhance language learning

The interactive session focused on improving language skills at home and daily.

Today, May 3, Nations School hosted the "Strategies to Support Language Learning" workshop, part of its Nations Parents Academy Workshop series. Held on the main campus, the event attracted families from the elementary and early childhood sections, offering them practical strategies for vocabulary building, reading, storytelling, and the use of multimedia resources.

Led by Mr. Roger Souza, our elementary teacher, the workshop showcased effective practices such as engaging parents, interactive learning, practical applications, personalized learning approaches, empowering students, and their long-term benefits for educational growth.

Participants learned how to create a language-rich environment at home and improve their daily routines to support their children’s language development more effectively. This workshop aligns with the Nations School’s commitment to enhancing students' learning experiences and creating a supportive educational environment. Here, we work so students can feel secure and capable of tackling challenges and adapting throughout their educational journey.

School of the Nations offers focused classes in English Language Learning (ELL) and Portuguese Language Learning (PLL). From early childhood to high school, students struggling with one or both languages receive the necessary support to ensure they can communicate and learn effectively at any age.

Next Session

Join us for the final Nations Parents Academy Workshop of the semester on May 31 at 8 a.m., held in the library of the main campus. The workshop, titled "Learning to Learn - Strategies for Parents and Students to Foster Scientific-Based, Effective Learning," will be led by Ms. Mirella Kacinskis, our high school Biology Teacher and Head of the Science Department.

This session will offer insights into modern teaching and learning strategies, helping parents understand the differences from traditional educational methods. It's an opportunity to learn how to better support your children's education and understand your role in their learning process. We look forward to seeing you there and working together to enhance our students' educational experiences.



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