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Exploring Beyond the Classroom: Elementary Students Embark on Educational Field Trips

April’s outings enhance learning about Brasília’s culture and history.

In April, our Elementary students embarked on a series of field trips designed to extend learning beyond traditional classroom settings. These excursions aimed to deepen their understanding of the city’s culture and history, blending education, fun, and experiential learning effectively.

By stepping outside the school environment, the students engaged more deeply with their subjects, fostering an atmosphere where learning and leisure intersect. Such excursions are crucial in enriching the academic experience, as they allow students to connect classroom lessons with real-world experiences, enhancing their comprehension and retention of knowledge.

JK Memorial: Historical Insights and Cultural Reflection

For the students in the Portuguese Language Learning (PLL) program, originating from various nationalities, the visit to the JK Memorial proved exceptionally informative. This significant historical site served as a portal to Brasília’s past, showcasing the contributions of pivotal figures such as Juscelino Kubitschek, Oscar Niemeyer, and Lúcio Costa. More than just a lesson on the capital’s history, the trip enhanced students’ analytical skills and deepened their understanding of the cultural and social fabrics of the city.

SESI Lab: A Fusion of Art, Science, and Technology

The SESI Lab welcomed our Grade 2, 3, and 4 students, offering a unique space where art, science, and technology converge. Here, students interacted directly with various scientific and social concepts through hands-on activities. Both temporary and permanent exhibitions at the lab promoted a multidisciplinary approach, encouraging the integration of science, arts, and music with logical and critical thinking skills.

Museu de Artes de Brasília: Exploring Artistic Diversity

The Grade 5 visited the Museu de Artes de Brasília (MAB), a key cultural institution that houses a rich collection of modern and contemporary art from 1950 to 2001. The visit allowed students to engage directly with a diverse array of artistic expressions, enhancing their appreciation of art’s role in society and its impact on local culture.

These field trips are integral to our curriculum at School of the Nations, transcending mere educational outings. We believe learning is about constructing new understandings and applying skills as global citizens, principles vividly brought to life through these enriching experiences.



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