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Strengthening Bonds and Sharing in Fun: Nations Celebrate Community Building Day

The annual event promoted integration and learning beyond classrooms, involving students, parents, and staff in a day of activities and connections

Education extends beyond the classroom, and one of the most effective ways to build a healthy and welcoming learning environment is by strengthening community bonds. Recognizing the importance of this, every year School of Nations holds "Community Building Day" not only to celebrate the unity of students, parents, and staff but also to contribute to the social development of all members of our school community.

On the first school Saturday of the 2023-24 academic year, Nations opened its doors to host the event that has become a beloved tradition for all. With the goal of fostering integration and providing moments of learning and fun, Community Building Day encompasses a range of activities designed to unite different school sections.

Below are some of the activities and workshops held during this year’s Community Building Day.

  • Live Music

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Board Games

  • College Orientation Workshops

  • Retro Games

  • Art and Photography Workshops

  • Ceramics Workshop

One of the most distinctive features of the event is its inclusivity, welcoming all members of the school community, including students of all ages, parents, and staff. This diversity of participants enriches the environment, creating a space where different perspectives converge and interconnect, reinforcing a sense of belonging and collective identity. This year 556 people attended.

One of the event's most significant attractions is the community breakfast. The tradition of sharing meals among families reinforces familial bonds, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

See all the photos of the Community Building Day here. We appreciate everyone's presence!

Take a look at our photos!



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