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Shaping readers and writers: Portuguese teacher offers lecture on literacy process

The workshop provided insights on easing students' literacy journey

Our esteemed Elementary Portuguese teacher, Ms. Claudia Sayuri, recently led the "Reading and Writing in Literacy" workshop at our main campus as part of the Nations Parents Academy workshop series. This event offered a unique opportunity for parents to engage deeply in their children's educational journey, focusing on the critical stages of reading and writing. The workshop aimed to empower parents to recognize their children's developmental phases and provide the necessary support at home.

Ms. Claudia highlighted the significance of acknowledging each student's individual learning pace and the diversity of skills present in the classroom. She emphasized the crucial role of family involvement in enhancing students' educational achievements, underlining that understanding the various levels of reading and writing learning is key for parents.

Through this workshop, parents gained valuable insights into the ongoing learning process of their children. They acquired the skills to discern the reading and writing levels of their children, enabling them to offer more targeted support when necessary. This understanding fosters a stronger partnership between families and the school, enhancing our collaborative efforts in advancing children's education.

Upcoming Workshop

Looking ahead, the next session of the Nations Parents Academy will be led by our High School Counselor, Mr. João Pedro Diniz. His workshop, "The Benefits of Self-Regulation and Self-Awareness for Parenthood," will offer insights into how being cognizant of one's feelings and beliefs can aid in regulating behavior. For parents, integrating these aspects can enhance parenthood skills and lead to more responsible parenting choices. Participants will receive concrete examples of how to improve their self-regulation and self-awareness, understanding that effective parenting is greatly improved by increased awareness and control. This session is scheduled for March 22 at our main campus.



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