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School of the Nations return to “Jornada de Estudos Brasileiros”

Immersion and Networking: a three-day journey for our Portuguese Department team

In 2024, Nations stood out once again by participating in the 13th edition of the Jornada de Estudos Brasileiros, an event that this year focused on "The challenges of current education and the redefinition of the teaching-learning process". Representing the institution, five members of our Portuguese Department took part in the event. 

Hosted by the American School of Recife from February 22 to 24, the meeting aimed to facilitate the exchange of successful educational practices, confront challenges, and promote reflective dialogue on the current educational landscape. This year, the conference brought together over one hundred specialists from thirteen prestigious American and international schools in Brazil. Enhancing the agenda, the event offered three inspiring lectures and more than 30 interactive workshops, unfolding over the three days.

Our Elementary Portuguese teacher, Ms. Fernanda Gonçalves, led the workshop "Active Methodologies and Engagement." She elaborated:

"The theme of the journey was essentially the redefinition of the teaching-learning process, so I delved into the area of active methodologies, which is about combining technology with the methods we use in the classroom. The idea is to use this to our advantage to increase student engagement. The workshop focused on my experience as a Grade 5 teacher and was mainly about sharing and exchanging experiences regarding the tools and strategies we use in the classroom."

According to Ms. Fernanda, the professional development offered is crucial, especially for the networking and exchange of experiences with other international schools. "It was the first event I attended, and I really enjoyed it! It was very interesting to see all the people from international schools. It was great to see that, despite the distance, our realities are quite similar to international schools in Brazil, especially from a Portuguese Department perspective."

At Nations, the professional development of our team is a priority. We aim for more than just training our teachers; our focus is on creating real changes in the classrooms that directly benefit the students



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