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School of the Nations offers the Karate Festival

The festival brought together student-athletes from Elementary to High School on a Saturday of competition and fun

Last Saturday, December 4, the main campus hosted the school's Karate Festival, an event that gathered forty-seven students from Elementary to High School in a morning dedicated to sports and showcasing talents.

Unlike a conventional competition, the festival stood out for the diversity of participants and the collaborative atmosphere among different grade levels. Students from Grades 2 to 8 were actively involved, participating in a variety of activities related to Karate.

In addition to achievements on the mat, innovation also took center stage at the festival. Students from the After School Elementary Game Development class were responsible for creating a scoring app used in the competition. The app's success received praise not only from attendees but also from senseis from other schools, showcasing the students' ability to address local issues and meet community needs.

Isabela Anselmo, a Grade 3 student participating in both the Karate and Game Development After School classes, shared her perspective on the event: "I found the festival very cool because I was able to showcase my knowledge in both Karate and Game Development class. I competed in two fights and even helped the teacher score the fights of other competitors. My favorite part was when I received my medal".

In summary, the Karate Festival was not just a sports competition but a celebration of talent diversity at the school, highlighting the integration between different disciplines and the students' dedication to overcoming challenges.



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