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Community in Focus: Service Day at School of the Nations

School of the Nations celebrates its annual service day with community engagement and educational activities.

Service Day at the School of the Nations, celebrated on Saturday, April 27, is a highlight within our school community. This event vividly exemplifies the school's dedication to its mission, vision, and values through a series of engaging activities.

Students, staff, and families unite to participate in service projects, donations, and volunteer efforts that benefit the local community. Guided by the principles of the Bahá'í faith, which shape the school’s ethos, Service Day offers students comprehensive, holistic learning, emphasizing that true giving encompasses not only material items but also time, attention, and organization.

Early Childhood: Building Bonds Through Service

Early childhood students began their Service Day with field trips to São Francisco DayCare, where they first met the children they hosted at the event. This preparation was crucial for building rapport and understanding the needs of the daycare children. On Saturday, our little ones welcomed their new friends and participated in various activities, including a shared brunch, storytelling, origami, and a "Porta Treco" workshop. These activities were not only fun but also fundamental in developing friendships, bonding, and nurturing a spirit of service and well-being.

Donations were a significant aspect of the Early Childhood Service Day. Families came together to contribute generously, donating 169 liters of milk, 66 kilograms of powdered milk, over 200 kilograms of non-perishable food items, 13 liters of oil, 511 diapers, 30 packs of baby wipes, as well as toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, bathing products, over 200 liters of cleaning products, and hundreds of toys and pieces of clothing. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students played a key role the day before Service Day, organizing these donations for delivery to the daycare center, further emphasizing the values of giving and community support.

Elementary: Engaging Young Minds in Diverse Projects

Elementary students initiated their Service Day activities with preparatory field trips to Daycare Tia Tatá. On Service Day, each grade contributed uniquely: second graders organized a picnic, third graders held workshops on sustainable water usage, and older students in Grades 4 and 5 participated in cooperative games and environmental projects like the EcoFriend Planters Project. These activities emphasized the school’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community service.

Middle School: Expanding Horizons with On and Off-Campus Projects

Off-campus, each grade undertook specific projects tailored to address the needs of local community institutions. Grade 6 students visited the Monte Moriá daycare center, where they not only prepared a vegetable garden but also consulted with the staff to better understand and address the center's ongoing needs. Grade 7 students engaged with the Early Childhood Leadership Team to propose new service projects, demonstrating their initiative and commitment to community service. Meanwhile, Grade 8 students spent their morning at the Vila do Pequenino Jesus, interacting with residents and participating in the institution's daily activities, which helped them connect more deeply with the community.

On campus, students also took part in the EcoFriend Planters Project. These activities allowed students to directly contribute to the school’s environmental goals while learning about the importance of sustainable practices.

High School: Leading Complex Initiatives Locally and Beyond

High school students showcased their leadership through a variety of on and off-campus service projects. Off-campus, they participated in several community-centered initiatives. In the "Colorindo Brasília" project, students painted the walls at a community center in São Sebastião to brighten the local area. In "Colete Lixo com Amigos," students undertook a cleanup of a public area in Lago Sul, promoting environmental cleanliness and awareness. Another group, through the "Seed the Future" project, visited a daycare in the city of Estrutural to understand and address the community's needs, fostering a direct impact on the welfare of local children.

The "Pawsitive Impact" project had students working to raise awareness and drive donations for local animal shelters. In the "Score for Support" initiative, students organized a charity soccer game to foster unity and respect among participants and organized a donation campaign where they accepted clothes and shoes. Additionally, the "Kids Care Companion" project involved students preparing visits and activities for a children's hospital, aiming to bring joy and comfort to young patients.

We thank each and every member of the Nations community for their participation and contribution on Service Day. The unity it promotes strengthens our community ties and inspires a continuous dedication to service and global citizenship. Together, we will make a difference!



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