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Parenting with Purpose: The Role of Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

At the Nations Parents Academy, our High School Counselor's recent workshop reveals how self-awareness and self-regulation are key to effective parenting.

On March 22, the Nations Parents Academy hosted an essential workshop titled "Benefits of Self-Regulation and Self-Awareness for Parenting," led by High School Counselor, Mr. João Diniz. The session emphasized how understanding and managing one's emotions and beliefs can significantly enhance parental behavior and decision-making skills. By integrating these critical skills, parents can markedly improve their parenting approach and contribute more effectively to their children's development.

Mr. Diniz highlighted the importance of self-regulation and self-awareness not only in personal health but as foundational practices that can transform parenting. Throughout the workshop, parents were introduced to practical examples and strategies to enhance their awareness and regulatory abilities. This knowledge is vital, as it enables parents to model healthier behaviors and practices, facilitating their children's growth into healthier individuals.

Moreover, the workshop provided insights into how these practices support the school’s mission of fostering collaborative efforts between parents and children. By understanding and controlling their own behaviors, parents are better equipped to adopt healthier parenting practices, which in turn, supports their children's emotional and behavioral development. Thus, the session was not only an educational experience but also an empowering strategy for parents aiming to facilitate their own growth and their children’s wellbeing.



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