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Parental Involvement in Education: Mastering Reading and Writing at School of the Nations

Ms. Morgan McKinnon offered her insights on understanding more deeply reading and writing

In a time when education is increasingly seen as a collaborative effort between schools and parents, the recent session of Nations Parents Academy initiative was enlightening. With a focus on the "Reading and Writing Workshop," parents gained valuable insights into the teaching and learning practices adopted by School of the Nations. This informative session, led by our Elementary teacher Ms. Morgan McKinnon, equipped parents with essential knowledge and tools to help support their children's academic journey.

The session delved into the structure of reading and writing activities at School of the Nations, providing a glimpse into the educational practices that underpin student learning. This understanding helps parents play a more active role in their children's education by enabling them to implement developmentally appropriate practices at home. As students practice English at home and parents gain a deeper understanding of the strategies, a more robust support system can be established.

Ms. Morgan McKinnon presented the criteria used to assess reading and writing assignments, empowering parents to engage in meaningful discussions with their children about their academic work and provide targeted support when necessary. Beyond the academics, the knowledge gained in this session empowered participants to comprehend their children's education at a deeper level.

In summary, the "Reading and Writing Workshop" provided a unique opportunity for parents to become active participants in their children's education. By sharing best practices, strategies, and insights, this initiative aligned parents and educators in a shared commitment to the holistic development of each student. Through this collaborative effort, we provide the opportunity for children at Nations to thrive.



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