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Nattions' students stand out in the academic competition BEBRAS Brazil

Students from Grades 4 to 12 earned Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals, and the 'Honour Hall' Award

The School of the Nations celebrates the remarkable achievement of eleven of its students who received medals at the Bebras Brazil - International Computational Thinking Challenge. Originating from Lithuania, this competition has the primary goal of developing computational thinking and introducing students to the vast realm of computer science. Participants are challenged to apply unique skills and competencies, preparing for a future that demands enhanced logical reasoning and problem-solving strategies.

The challenge, open to students from public and private schools, regardless of their prior knowledge in computing, spans from Grade 3 to 12. The tests, consisting of multiple-choice activities called TASKS, are distributed across six levels, corresponding to the participants' age groups. The exams took place between November 6 and 10, 2023, with the results announced on December 4. In total, thirty students from Nations participated in this stimulating initiative.

Competitors faced six distinct levels of tests:

  • Pre-Primary: Grade 3 students

  • Primary: Grades 4 and 5 students

  • Benjamins: Grades 6 and 7 students

  • Cadets: Grades 8 and 9 students

  • Juniors: Grades 10 and 11 students

  • Seniors: Grade 12 students

Among the notable highlights, Artur Arruda (Grade 12) and Ian Marinho (Grade 10) shone by winning gold medals and securing positions in the top 1% nationally, distinguishing themselves in the Juniors and Seniors levels (Grades 10 to 12).

Pedro Henrique Morsch, an 11th-grade student, earned a silver medal, standing out among the top 2% in the country at the Juniors level.

Three other talented students achieved bronze medals, placing in the top 3% nationally across the Benjamins, Juniors, and Seniors levels: Caroline Fernandes (Grade 7), Felipe Thomaz (Grade 9), and Tiago Bianchini (Grade 12). In addition to the medals, the School of the Nations proudly received the "Honour Hall" award. Both gold medal winners, Artur Arruda and Ian Marinho, achieved perfect scores in this challenging test.

Concluding the list of honors, students Catharina Oliveira (Grade 4), Laura Rodrigues (Grade 7), Marcos Lúcio Coêlho (Grade 8), and Daniel Bezerra (Grade 8) were honored with Honorable Mentions, standing out among the top 4% nationally in the Primary, Benjamins, and Cadets levels.

We warmly congratulate all students who participated in the competition! With exemplary dedication to studies and admirable perseverance, we are confident that each will continue to tread the path to success. We extend our gratitude to the dedicated teaching staff and the families who, with their invaluable encouragement and support, contributed to the brilliance of these students in this inspiring challenge.



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