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Nations students earn medals and honorable mentions in the Bebras Computational Thinking Competition

In 2022, students in Brazil took part in the international computational thinking challenge for the first time

In the first semester of 2022-23, thirteen students from School of the Nations earned medals and honorable mentions in Bebras Brazil, an international online challenge in more than seventy countries. UPMAT Educacional, the institution responsible for developing the Kangaroo Math Contest in Brazil, launched the event in the country for the first time in 2022.

Created in Lithuania, the initiative aims to develop students’ computational thinking skills and draw attention to computer science. Improving logical thinking and developing problem-solving strategies are just a few of the skills and competencies the initiative promotes.

Students from Grades 3 to 12 enrolled in public and private schools can join the challenge. Previous knowledge of computer science is optional. The exams feature multiple-choice activities — called TASKS — divided into six levels according to the participant’s age. The exams took place between November 7 and 12, 2022, and the results were released on December 1. Sixty-five Nations students participated.

Artur Arruda (Grade 11) and Mohammad Masadeh (Grade 12) won gold medals and reached positions in the top 1 percent of all students enrolled in the Juniors and Seniors levels (Grades 11 and 12).

Liam Medeiros and Pedro Henrique Morsch, both in Grade 11, won silver medals. They were among the top 2 percent of all participants at the Juniors level.

Vinicius Yoshida (Grade 7), Luca Candelot (Grade 9), Victoria Djedjeian (Grade 10), Diogo Mendes (Grade 11), and Pedro Araújo (Grade 12) won bronze medals, reaching positions in the top 3 percent of all participants in the Benjamins, Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors levels.

Finally, Isabella Prado (Grade 4), Davi Barbosa and David Accioly (Grade 7), and Lucas Munhoz (Grade 11) earned honorable mentions. All placed in the top 4 percent of students in the Primary, Benjamins, and Juniors levels.

Congratulations to all! You reach your most outstanding achievements through dedication to your studies and perseverance. A special thanks to the pedagogical team and families for encouraging students to participate.



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