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Nations' Festa Junina: Joy and Tradition

Celebration Brings Brazilian Culture and Traditions to the School of the Nations' Campus.

On June 6, the School of the Nations held its lively Festa Junina, bringing together over 2,000 people, including students, staff, alumni, and families. Held on the main campus, the event was a true festival of colors, sounds, and flavors, highlighting Brazilian culture with traditional foods, costumes, themed decorations, and plenty of regional music.

The evening began with vibrant quadrilha performances by students from preschool through the third year of high school, delighting everyone with their choreographies inspired by different regions of our country, such as the Bumba Meu Boi dance. The handmade decorations and scenery also showcased the artistic talent of our students.

Among the musical attractions, the band Trio Junior Ferr kept the audience entertained, and the quadrilha Formiga da Roça, performing for the second consecutive year, brought even more joy to the celebration. The Nations' parents choir was also a special highlight, with a performance that moved everyone.

In addition to the quadrilhas and musical performances, the event offered various traditional Festa Junina activities, such as fishing games, ring toss, goal kicking, and clown's mouth, ensuring fun for all ages. The celebration was a demonstration of unity and joy, strengthening the bonds of the school community and celebrating Brazil's rich cultural heritage.

Once again, the Nations' Festa Junina proved to be an unforgettable event, reflecting the school's commitment to promoting global citizenship values and celebrating local traditions.



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