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Nations Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day with Educational Activities

Students from Nursery to Grade 5 engage in a week of cultural exploration to honor Brazil's indigenous heritage.

On April 19, School of the Nations celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day, a date set in 1943 to honor the diversity and rights of Brazil's indigenous populations and to broadly promote respect and recognition within the community. At Nations, the day is marked by a tradition of learning and awareness, involving students from Early Childhood to Elementary.

Early Childhood Education

Throughout the week, Early Childhood teacher from the Portuguese Department organized a series of activities. Students participated in reading circles, engaged in drawing, and explored traditional indigenous games like peteca. They also gained insights into the daily lives and culture of indigenous communities, examining aspects such as their houses and lifestyles.


The activities continued for students in Grades 2 to 5. On Thursday, April 18, the school hosted Mrs. Potira Hermuche, a Nations parent with experience in indigenous tribes. Mrs. Hermuche shared her experiences and taught the students about indigenous culture and daily routines.

Additionally, the students had the opportunity to play peteca, a traditional indigenous game, further promoting understanding and appreciation of this culture. Furthermore, or Kitchen Staff contributed to the day's activities by preparing a special snack inspired by Brazilian indigenous cuisine.

School of the Nations values unity in diversity, and providing students with knowledge about different cultures and ethnicities is crucial to fostering this sentiment and enhancing the community's awareness.



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